State Automation Pty. Ltd.

State Automation Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting and stage automation systems for professional theatre, television and other entertainment applications.

Established in 1984, State Automation now employs more than 30 specialists including electronic design engineers, industrial designers, software engineers, service engineers as well as production staff and administrative personnel.

The company´s success has been a direct result of a commitment to quality and innovation. This has seen State Automation products lead the world in providing artistic designers and technical staff in the entertainment industry, with unrivalled performance and reliability. As a result, State Automation is recognised as the premier lighting and stage automation control company in Australasia with substantial export to Europe, Asia and North America.

With State Automation on your team from the first briefing to project completion you know you're in the safest hands because State Automation understands client needs and requirements from day one.

Stage Machinery control systems

High quality proprietary systems:
- State flying system and stage machinery control (large to medium theatres)
- Status flying system and stage machinery control (medium to small theatres)

Lighting Equipment and Control Systems for Theatrical & Entertainment Venues and Architectural applications:

Revolutionary high quality Dimming technologies:
- VST (Variable Sinewave Technology)
- APC (Advance phase control)
- SPC (Standard Phase Control)
- Q (Reverse Phase Control)

These technologies are applied to wide range of lighting products and control systems:

- Solution X96, X72, X48 (Modular Cabinets)
- Solution 12, 6 (Modular 19" Rack Mount)
- Solution Cool (Wallmount)
- Solution COOL (Rackmount)
- Solution Q (Quiet Dimmers)
- Network products

Examples of typical venues using State Automation´s lighting products and systems:

- Large to small theatrical installations and touring systems for theatre and rock & roll
- TV and Film studios
- Exhibitions, displays, promotions
- Theme parks, special events
- Large and small scale Hotels
- Conference centres
- Shopping centres
- Airports
- Apartment building

Service and Maintenance

Quality international service facility providing:
- 24 hour support for lighting and stage automation systems.
- Resident service and maintenance personnel within customer premises


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