"Imagine that you are sitting in the stalls of a magnificent theatre, the music is captivating, the singing enchanting, and the plot has unfolded enough to totally absorb your powers of concentration.

As the main protagonist points to the domed ceiling of the theatre an enormous chandelier begins its crashing descent to the floor!

The pressure wave, as this massive piece passes overhead, only further adds to the illusion that your final moments have arrived.

With a thunderous cacophony and blinding flash it disintegrates into the theatre directly before you!

The audible, collective sigh of relief from the entire audience is deafening and is immediately followed by a babble of thousands of voices all in their unique way asking the same thing. HOW?

If, like many thousands of others, you have already seen "THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" then you will have no difficulty in recognising both the sequence of events and your own actions from the description above.

If you have not yet witnessed or experienced these phenomena then unfortunately this article may spoil some of the suspense by revealing the answer to the question above.

The HOW? is State Automation!

By the use of the latest computer technology in combination with sophisticated software and the paramount attention to safety details, State Automation has engineered the ability to create the illusion of crashing chandeliers, or any one of countless staging effects night after night with the most advanced Automated Stage Control System available in the World.

So! No matter how complicated the cue or simple the appearance of the effect State Automation Stage Control Systems are the ideal choice.

Your designs, concepts, and ideas are no longer limited by the availability of the technology.

They are now only limited by the scope of your imagination!"

Overview: State Automation stage flying systems consist of:

- Main consoles
- State V
- Status

- Peripheral controls & Options
- Optical Rail
- Locon
- Mocon
- Rover
- Argonaut
- Castor
- Estop Annunciation

- Winch Controllers
- Wincon V
- Wincon V HSI
- Medusa Patch
- Back-up Control Pendants

- Software (Graphical User Interface)


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